Why Crystal Radio?

Interestingly I get this question quite a few times a week.  “Love the station, what inspired it?”.  Well, I’ll tell you…

Back in January of 2010, Don Andrews (The voice you hear on the station) used to do a live show each morning fed to different stations across North America called ‘Studio B’.  For about an hour before his start time at 9am EST he’d play completely different music than he’d play during the show.   He needed to put ‘something’ out there so that stations picking up the feed could be confident it was up, running, and ready to go for 9.

A lot of that music you now hear on Crystal.Read More

Ok Google, Play Crystal Radio!

If you use Google Home, listening to Crystal Radio is as easy as asking. (Nicely please!!)

Just say “Okay Google, Play Crystal Radio” or “Okay Google, Play Crystal Radio on TuneIn” and the next thing you hear, should be The Crystal clear sounds, of Crystal Radio!

The nice folks at vTuner have also updated all the Crystal Radio links, so your Bose player should now be airing the correct Crystal stream.

Crystal Radio is back on TuneIn


If you listen using TuneIn player, you can bookmark this page: https://tunein.com/radio/Crystal-Radio-s124050/

Crystal Radio on Sonos

If you find Crystal Radio isn’t listed in Sonos or can’t find it, you can try adding it manually using the steps below.

Sonos supports MP3, AAC and WMA audio formats for streaming Internet radio stations, just make sure you have this streaming URL handy.  It isn’t possible to manually add Crystal to Sonos using a mobile controller such as an iPhone or Android. However, once the station is added to Sonos, you will be able to navigate to and play these stations using any Sonos controller.Read More

Crystal Radio Listen Links..

Winamp, iTunesWinAmp / iTunes
Windows Media PlayerWindows Media
Real PlayerRealAudio Player
Web ProxyWeb Proxy

If you can’t listen to Crystal Radio by other means, try using the ‘web proxy’ method above.

The ‘Web Proxy’ link uses the same port (80) as your internet browser, so if you can see this page, you should be able to hear the station.

Some organizations ‘firewall’ ports that aren’t used for normal use. Crystal Radio streams on port 8000. So if it’s blocked by your internet provider, try the proxy link, it should work.


Listening to Internet Radio

Remember the shortwave radio your parents (or grandparents) had in their house? You could skate the glowing needle along the numbers and pull in exotic music and strange voices from all over the world. That sort of magical radio still exists?inside your computer. Any computer with an Internet connection can easily be turned into a global radio receiver. All it takes is some software and some tips on where to look so you can listen. Let’s spin the dial.

First, some background. All over the world, radio stations and many individuals have created Internet radio stations. The CBC and National Public Radio are real-time or archived broadcasts of public radio programs you can hear like a normal radio (if you are in the range of the station). Others, like Crystal Radio, are “radio” stations developed specifically for the Internet.Read More

This is Digital Radio !

You’ve probably  heard about HD Radio and D.A.B.  Odds are you’ve never heard it.  But it’s touted as being ‘better’ than FM.  The typical bitrate for DAB programs is only 128 kbit/s and as a result most radio stations on DAB have a lower sound quality than FM, prompting a number of complaints.

An informal listening test has shown that for stationary listening the audio quality on DAB is lower than FM stereo, due to most stations using a bit rate of 128 kbit/s or less, with the MP2 audio codec, which requires 160 kbit/s to achieve perceived FM quality. 128 kbit/s gives a more smeared stereo image, and an upper cutoff frequency of 14 kHz, corresponding to 15 KHz of FM radio. CD quality audio is possible with 192 kbit/s. Still, most DAB owners (including mobile listeners) believes DAB to have equal or better sound quality than FM.Read More

Meet Don!

We get a lot of people asking “Who is the voice?”.

So we’d like to introduce you to Toronto Canada’s Don Andrews.

Don is the voice of Crystal Radio and can be heard intertwined throughout your listening visit.Read More


  • Great to see your station is back on again. Whatever happened, please make sure you don’t go away again. Love the music.
    -Jack in Washington State
  • If more stations around the world would use your Canadian approach, life would be better. At least we have Crystal Radio. We love it in the office. Keep up the good work.
    -the girls in the medical center
  • Read More

Welcome to Crystal!

Welcome to Crystal Radio.

Canada’s Beautiful Music stop on the internet.

Crystal Radio Canada crystalradio.ca and Beautiful Music Canada beautifulmusic.ca.

We take pride in our All Day, All Night, All Nice programming.  Hopefully you can take a few minutes, sit back, relax and enjoy.  Get lost in the music and memories.

As you will discover this is a mostly instrumental music format featuring a quiet, easy listening experience.Read More