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After trying to put up with Radionomy for months, I've had it with their awful insertion advertising and screwed up playlists so I've decided to just run the server myself again.

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So much more than Elevator Music.

Beautiful music (sometimes abbreviated as BM, B/EZ or BM/EZ for beautiful music/easy listening) is a mostly instrumental music format that was prominent in American radio from the 1960s through the 1980s. Mood music, easy listening, and the often derogatory terms Muzak and elevator music are other common terms for the format and the style of music that it featured. Beautiful music can also be regarded as a subset of the middle of the road radio format.


"The Luxury Sound" of Crystal Radio has a special place in a world of many different sounds.

What is "The Luxury Sound"?  It's a basic theme of good taste expressed by magnificent music.

No matter what kind of quality music you are looking for -- whether it is the appropriate music for a cocktail party, the dinner hour, or just relaxation and reflection -- you will find it when you want it on Crystal Radio.

Something luxurious happens to your computer when you enjoy it with Crystal Radio.  Listeners who welcome the sound of rich, mellow strings, played in uninterrupted segments, have made Crystal Radio  Canada's most listened to radio program.

An ornately set table. A fine bottle of sparkling wine. A bouquet of flowers purchased in a hurry on the way home from the office. A filter on the window to simulate a blue moon. Andy Williams crooning "Moon River" or the 101 Strings playing "Light My Fire" in the background. All of the necessary mood-enhancing ingredients for a cozy tête-à-tête.  The warm, friendly voice of Don Andrews provides welcome accompaniment for intimate dinners, parties, term papers, good books -- Everything under the sun... And moon!

The Luxury Sound?  No doubt about it, a luxury sound for people who want, seek out, and appreciate something better than the ordinary.

Crystal Radio...  The Luxury Sound... All Day, All Night, All Nice !


Welcome to Crystal Radio.

Canada's Beautiful Music stop on the internet.

Crystal Radio Canada crystalradio.ca and Beautiful Music Canada beautifulmusic.ca.

We take pride in our All Day, All Night, All Nice programming.  Hopefully you can take a few minutes, sit back, relax and enjoy.  Get lost in the music and memories.

As you will discover this is a mostly instrumental music format featuring a quiet, easy listening experience.

An important piece of the puzzle is the music quality and we are proud to broadcast in HD.  High Definition audio uses a little more bandwidth at 192k but with this format especially you will appreciate the full hi-fidelity of the music once again.  Relax and enjoy our beautiful music radio and let the memories flood back.  From Mantovani to Perry Como they're all here.  You're beautiful music radio friends.

Thank you for dropping by.  If you have any requests, tips, advice or other messages please feel free to contact us.

Iain Grant / Don Andrews


Crystal Radio is now available to Microsoft Media Player users via the Windows Media Guide.

Windows Media Guide

Enjoy !


Our Listeners Write... And you're welcome to join them.. please send in your thoughts using the Contact box above.

  • Great to see your station is back on again. Whatever happened, please make sure you don't go away again. Love the music.
    -Jack in Washington State
  • If more stations around the world would use your Canadian approach, life would be better. At least we have Crystal Radio. We love it in the office. Keep up the good work.
    -the girls in the medical center
  • Are you guys for real? I didn't think it was possible to have a station on all day long that didn't offend or get boring. Don't change a thing.
    -listening in Gainsville
  • I thought you were gone for good. I've been searching for Crystal Radio almost weekly and today I found you... again. Fantastic.
    - a listener in Texas
  • Hey Don, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy Crystal Radio. Both your voice and the music are a great compliment to each other. And the end result is a great compliment to my life. Many thanks.
    -Derek and Louise
  • Love your station. That's it.
    -a listener
  • Wow. Where have I been all your life. So glad I found such a refreshing station. Don't change a thing 'cause we have enough Jacks and Jills and Bobs and who-know-what else... and they're all the same... lame.

As Always, thank you for all your comments, support and requests.

Iain Grant / Don Andrews

We get a lot of people asking "Who is the voice?".

So we'd like to introduce you to Toronto Canada's Don Andrews.

Don is the voice of Crystal Radio and can be heard intertwined throughout your listening visit.

Most of Don's years have been spent on-air as a Broadcaster, as well as Music Director, Program Director twice, Operations Manager, Manager, and now President of his own company

You may have heard Don if you've been in Saskatoon, Edmonton or Toronto.  Afternoon drive, and aircraft traffic reporting in Edmonton, phone-in shows in Regina and Toronto, and he has voiced national radio and television commercials, as well as network television voice work, both regionally and nationally. Radio formats have included rock, country, pop, jazz, adult popular, and talk.


You've probably  heard about HD Radio and D.A.B.  Odds are you've never heard it.  But it's touted as being 'better' than FM.  The typical bitrate for DAB programs is only 128 kbit/s and as a result most radio stations on DAB have a lower sound quality than FM, prompting a number of complaints.

An informal listening test has shown that for stationary listening the audio quality on DAB is lower than FM stereo, due to most stations using a bit rate of 128 kbit/s or less, with the MP2 audio codec, which requires 160 kbit/s to achieve perceived FM quality. 128 kbit/s gives a more smeared stereo image, and an upper cutoff frequency of 14 kHz, corresponding to 15 KHz of FM radio. CD quality audio is possible with 192 kbit/s. Still, most DAB owners (including mobile listeners) believes DAB to have equal or better sound quality than FM.

Crystal Radio transmits our signal at 192 kbit/s.  What you're hearing when you listen to Crystal Radio is true Digital Radio.  Better than most DAB signals, and obviously wider reaching.

Welcome to the new world of Digital entertainment.


Monday February 1, 2010

During the months of December 2009 and January 2010, Bridge Ratings conducted interviews with over 3000 Internet radio listeners to determine their current and intended Internet radio listening preferences.

Highlights of the study are:

  • Just over 60 million Americans listen to some form of Internet radio in a typical week. This includes both AM/FM simulcast streams and Internet-only radio (e.g. Crystalradio.ca, Pandora, AccuRadio).
  • 84% of this group regularly listens for at least five minutes to AM/FM simulcast streams in a typical week.
  • 62% of the total streaming group regularly listens for at least five minutes listening to Internet-only streams.
  • 77 million Americans will listen to Internet radio streams (on both computers and mobile devices) by January 1, 2015.
  • Based on interviews which measured satisfaction and fatigue levels, we are projecting that by that date the percentage listening to AM/FM simulcast streams will fall to 81% while those listening to Internet-only radio streams will increase to 72%.
  • The percentage of streaming listeners for AM/FM simulcasts and Internet-only will reach parity by the end of 2016 (77%).


Remember the shortwave radio your parents (or grandparents) had in their house? You could skate the glowing needle along the numbers and pull in exotic music and strange voices from all over the world. That sort of magical radio still exists?inside your computer. Any computer with an Internet connection can easily be turned into a global radio receiver. All it takes is some software and some tips on where to look so you can listen. Let's spin the dial.