We accept donations via Paypal to keep Crystal on the air.  And because we believe the artists deserve to be rewarded for their efforts,

Crystal Radio is licensed under Socan's Tariff 22F.  So when you make a donation to Crystal, know that we in turn are trying to do the right thing as a responsible Internet Radio Broadcaster and ensure the artists are compensated.

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"The Luxury Sound" of Crystal Radio has a special place in a world of many different sounds.

What is "The Luxury Sound"?  It's a basic theme of good taste expressed by magnificent music.

No matter what kind of quality music you are looking for -- whether it is the appropriate music for a cocktail party, the dinner hour, or just relaxation and reflection -- you will find it when you want it on Crystal Radio.

Something luxurious happens to your computer when you enjoy it with Crystal Radio.  Listeners who welcome the sound of rich, mellow strings, played in uninterrupted segments, have made Crystal Radio  Canada's most listened to radio program.

An ornately set table. A fine bottle of sparkling wine. A bouquet of flowers purchased in a hurry on the way home from the office. A filter on the window to simulate a blue moon. Andy Williams crooning "Moon River" or the 101 Strings playing "Light My Fire" in the background. All of the necessary mood-enhancing ingredients for a cozy tête-à-tête.  The warm, friendly voice of Don Andrews provides welcome accompaniment for intimate dinners, parties, term papers, good books -- Everything under the sun... And moon!

The Luxury Sound?  No doubt about it, a luxury sound for people who want, seek out, and appreciate something better than the ordinary.

Crystal Radio...  The Luxury Sound... All Day, All Night, All Nice !