• Great to see your station is back on again. Whatever happened, please make sure you don’t go away again. Love the music.
    -Jack in Washington State
  • If more stations around the world would use your Canadian approach, life would be better. At least we have Crystal Radio. We love it in the office. Keep up the good work.
    -the girls in the medical center
  • Are you guys for real? I didn’t think it was possible to have a station on all day long that didn’t offend or get boring. Don’t change a thing.
    -listening in Gainsville
  • I thought you were gone for good. I’ve been searching for Crystal Radio almost weekly and today I found you… again. Fantastic.
    – a listener in Texas
  • Hey Don, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy Crystal Radio. Both your voice and the music are a great compliment to each other. And the end result is a great compliment to my life. Many thanks.
    -Derek and Louise
  • Love your station. That’s it.
    -a listener
  • Wow. Where have I been all your life. So glad I found such a refreshing station. Don’t change a thing ’cause we have enough Jacks and Jills and Bobs and who-know-what else… and they’re all the same… lame.