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Mon 15th Jul 2024
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Delta Aquarids

Active Jul 21st-Aug 23rd
Estimated ZHR: 16
Peaks Jul 28th
Guide to 2024 Major Meteor Showers

Quadrantids Dec 28-Jan 12
Lyrids Apr 18-Apr 25
Perseids Jul 13-Aug 26
Leonids Nov 05-Dec 03
Geminids Nov 30-Dec 17
Ursids Dec 17-Dec 24
Viewing Guide
Meteors are best viewed during the night hours, though meteors enter the atmosphere at any time of the day. They are just harder to see in the daylight apart from dawn and dusk. Any nearby ambient light,Moon light can make it difficult viewing . Meteor showers are best viewed away from the city lights.
Radio Ham Guide
Meteor scatter communications can be used by Ham Radio VHF enthusiasts. Using meteor scatter propagation enables ham radio enthusiasts and also commercial radio communications contacts .Meteor scatter communications using specialised operating techniques allows communications distances up to 2000 km or more on the VHF frequencies.
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