Why Crystal Radio?

Interestingly I get this question quite a few times a week.  “Love the station, what inspired it?”.  Well, I’ll tell you…

Back in January of 2010, Don Andrews (The voice you hear on the station) used to do a live show each morning fed to different stations across North America called ‘Studio B’.  For about an hour before his start time at 9am EST he’d play completely different music than he’d play during the show.   He needed to put ‘something’ out there so that stations picking up the feed could be confident it was up, running, and ready to go for 9.

A lot of that music you now hear on Crystal.

I grew up in Britain listening to these artists on the radio.  I was never a big ‘rock’ fan, and this music was what was on, and I grew to really appreciate it.

Unfortunately finding this type of ‘Beautiful Music’ on the internet is harder and harder.   There are only about 2 other stations I listen to on a regular basis.  Starlite out of Vancouver Island, and  KAHM out of Prescott Arizona.  Indeed it was KAHM that made me think..  hey..  I can do this :).  Unfortunately a couple of years ago KAHM cut their online stream so I have no idea what they’re doing anymore.

It’s a difficult line to walk, I want to be true to the ‘beautiful’ format but I honestly can’t be.  So every once in a while I will slide in something that ‘feels’ appropriate from 70’s through today.  I try to ensure it fits, I don’t always succeed :).

Anyway, thank you for listening, I really appreciate it, but I appreciate far more the fact that you enjoy it.